Three offers Pay As You Go dongles for anyone who wants mobile broadband with more flexibility than a contract offers. There are lots of reasons to choose a dongle and to choose Three, as highlighted below.

What is a mobile broadband dongle?

A mobile broadband dongle is a small device that plugs into a USB port. Once plugged in it can use Three’s network to provide an internet connection to the device it’s plugged into.

What are the advantages of a mobile broadband dongle?

There are a number of reasons to choose a mobile broadband dongle. If you want to get a laptop or other device online when away from Wi-Fi there are few alternatives, and as long as you only want to get one device online at once and it has a USB port a dongle can be a cheap, compact solution.

It also draws power from the device it’s connected to, so you don’t need to worry about battery life, and generally dongles are plug and play, so they’re fast and simple to get set up.

Why choose Pay As You Go?

Choosing a Pay As You Go dongle means you’re not locked into a contract, giving you the flexibility to only pay for the data you use and to change the amount you’re spending whenever you want.

Why choose a Three?

  • Feel At Home - Use your Three mobile broadband dongle abroad in dozens of destinations at no extra cost
  • 4G at no extra cost - On all plans

Dongles typically don’t cost much either, so there’s not usually a large initial outlay to get one on Pay As You Go.

What alternatives are there to a Pay As You Go dongle?

Dongles are also available on Pay Monthly if you don’t want to buy the device outright, but that ties you into a contract.

Or if a dongle isn’t right for you at all then consider a standard mobile broadband device – these are larger devices that can send a Wi-Fi signal to multiple other devices at the same time, but typically cost more and have their own battery.

Tethering is an option too, but make sure you have a large data allowance for your smartphone if you plan to do that.

What is the difference between a 3G and 4G dongle?

4G dongles are capable of using Three’s 4G network, so they offer faster data speeds than 3G ones (which are typically 5 times slower than 4G). Note however that you’re still limited by Three’s signal in the area – if you’re in a place that only has a 3G signal then you’ll only get 3G speeds, even with a 4G dongle.

Either way it should be fast enough to comfortably browse the net and use social media, but for more demanding tasks such as downloading large files or streaming HD video, 4G can help.


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