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Google Nexus 6 Review - Photo 1

A decade or so ago, there was a battle among phone makers to make the smallest phone on the market – that was until the iPhone arrived and things changed. Then phone manufacturers were all set on making media devices – forget tablets – they wanted to make a phone that had all the oomph and power of a computer in a handheld gadget. Huge battery life, lots of power, memory and impressive graphics – all fitting into one hand.

Mobile phones have grown so much over the past few years – we now are in the era of the phablet – with Apple even joining the party with the iPhone 6 Plus. Read our Nexus 6 review to find out how Google's first phablet fares against the competition.

Nexus 6: First impressions

Google Nexus 6 Review - Design

This is a beast of a phone – it’s huge, it’s massive. But it’s not all brawn with no brains. I’m quite short and have small hands and found the Nexus 6 far too big to hold in one hand – but when I passed it to my colleague, who towers above six feet, he had the same problem. At least I didn’t feel so bad any more…

But what it means is that you need two hands to hold the Nexus 6 – so you can’t be carrying a handbag, holding a cup of coffee or anything if you want to use the device while on the move.

Looks-wise it is reminiscent of the Moto X - but a lot bigger. There’s that dip in the back, the Motorola logo and the really really thin edges, It has a solid AMOLED display measuring 5.96 inches and with a resolution of 2560x1440 giving a 493ppi, that’s a screen worth talking about.

Plus, build quality is impressive too – it feels like a really solid device. It may be plastic but it feels like good quality plastic – creating the premium feel that it seems Google is aiming for. But it is a shame that there aren’t the customisable options that we’ve seen with the Moto X, such as the options for wood or leather back covers, range of colour choices, spec options and other customisation opportunities. But maybe that will happen next time.

Nexus 6: Sweet Lollipop

But enough of its looks, what’s most important with the Nexus 6 is what’s happening beneath the surface – because this is the device that is debuting Android 5.0 Lollipop. And unlike other devices made by different manufacturers, Android has been left in its unadulterated state. So what’s new? Well, there is a guest mode, plus the screen pinning function – and of course the children’s mode that we see on most phones now.

That guest mode lets you allows guests to see only the features and apps you want – and pinning lets you ensure they only see one screen, such as an app, video or photo. Really good if your friends have a nasty habit of starting to scroll through your photos when you just want to show them one!

The interface is more colourful than on previous versions and there’s a whole range of tools and layouts at your disposal. Swipe right and you’ll get to the snapper with its HDR and panorama models, along with lens-blur and photo sphere features. You can even turn on grid lines and use the camera in a more manual mode by fiddling with the settings.

Nexus 6: Battery life

Google Nexus 6 Review - Thickness

The battery is a 3220mAH version, which is non removable. It also allows for QI charging, which means you can get up to six hours of battery life from just 15 minutes of charging – great if you’re about to head off on a night out and realise your phone is low on charge, It’s not up there with the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but it’s good enough – although on a phone costing more than £500 is ‘good enough’ really good enough?

Nexus 6: Snapper

Google Nexus 6 Review - Camera

The specs on the camera on the Nexus 5 were a tad patchy, but this has been solved by putting a new 13-megapixel camera on the Nexus 6. There’s a dual-LED flash around the camera lens and there’s a 2MP model on the front for selfie fans.

Picture quality impressed, although low-light situations weren’t quite as pleasing. The front-facer is fine but we’d hoped for something more from both cameras - maybe next time?

Nexus 6: Our conclusion

Google Nexus 6 Review - Back

We’re not sure that big is always better and the Nexus 6 is huge. Yes, it has top-quality specs, and the 13-megapixel snapper and completely unadulterated Android offering make it stand out above the rest.

But the downsides are its massive size and the fact that there’s no expandable memory. At more than £500, it’s in the same price league as the iPhone 6 Plus but we’re not sure that buyers will overlook the fabulous LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in favour of the Google Nexus 6.



Dimensions : 159.3 x 83 x 10.1mm

Weight: 184 grams

Screen size: 5.96” AMOLED (1440 x 2560)

Screen Resolution: 1440 x 2560 display resolution

Pixels Per Inch (PPI) : 493

Processor: 2.7GHz Quad core application processor


On-board Memory: 32/64GB

Camera: 13MP (rear) 2160p@30fps, (2 megapixel front-facing)

Operating system: Android 5.0

Ultrafast / 3G / 4G LTE: Yes/ Yes/ Yes

Bluetooth / NFC : Yes/ Yes

Battery capacity: 3220mAh

Colours: Midnight Blue, Cloud White

Launch Date: Out Now

Price: £499

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