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Alcatel Pixi 4 Wifi Tablet 8GB Black deal
Alcatel Pixi 4 Wifi Tablet
2GB data
£12.00 a month
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Advanced Plan. 24 month contract
Worldwide Roaming Tethering Wuntu
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 4G 32GB Black deal
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 4G
2GB data
£18.00 a month
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24 month contract
Worldwide Roaming Tethering Wuntu
Apple iPad 32GB Gold deal
Apple iPad
2GB data
£27.00 a month
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24 month contract
Worldwide Roaming Tethering Wuntu

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Why Choose Three?

All tablets on Three come with:

  • Free 4G - All Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go tablets on Three come with 4G at no extra cost, all you need is a 4G ready tablet.
  • Free roaming abroad -  Use your data abroad at no extra cost in 19 countries on Three, including Spain, USA and Australia on all Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go plans.
  • Great value - Three aims to provide the best value tablet deals of any mobile operator in the UK. That includes pay monthly tablets, pay as you go tablets and SIM plans for tablets.

Why buy a tablet?

  • Portability - Tablets offer you the chance to browse on the move and are much more portable than laptops. They are ultra-thin and weigh a lot less than laptops.
  • Ease-of-use - Tablets have larger touch-screen displays (usually between 7 and 11 inches) which makes them much easier to use than smartphones and better for serious productivity. Many users buy them to use at home on their couch while watching TV.
  • Multimedia - The larger displays present on tablet devices - compared to smartphones - makes them excellent for watching movies on the go.
  • Affordability - Google changed the game when they launched the Nexus 7, which is an Android tablet that launched for under £200. Now a whole range of great value tablets are available, which cost a lot less than a desktop PC or laptop.

Why choose a Pay Monthly tablet?

Buying a tablet on a Pay Monthly contract lowers the amount you have to pay upfront for the device itself and gets you a data allowance to use each month on your new tablet. Tablet contracts are a great way to get your hands on the latest device without having to splash out as much upfront.

Why Choose a Pay As You Go Tablet?

Are you mostly planning to use your tablet in the home on your WiFi network? Then you might want to consider a Pay As You Go tablet which gives you flexibility to buy a top up as and when you need to use data!

What are 3G, 4G and WiFi tablets?

Tablets are in essence like over-sized smartphones and they rose to prominence when Apple launched the Apple iPad. There are many tablets available including the Apple iPad, iPad Mini and a whole host of Android tablets.

Tablets enable you to undertake many of the tasks possible on desktop PCs using a touch-screen display. Many industry experts see tablets as the replacement for laptops and we tend to agree - although, the two could co-exist.

Mobile operators have been keen to take advantage of the tablet revolution and now offer a number of 3G and 4G-enabled tablets on their networks. Tablets are portable devices which makes them perfect for browsing on the move on a 3G network - or even 4G!

Which is the best tablet for me?

The initial thing you need to decide is if you want a WiFi only tablet, or one that supports WiFi, 3G and 4G. WiFi only tablets connect straight to a home WiFi network and are perfect for those mostly planning to use their tablet in the home, while 3G and 4G tablets can be used anywhere you can get a mobile signal and are perfect for those who will be using their tablet out and about.

Of course you can add versatility to a WiFi tablet by also getting a MiFi device, thereby allowing you to get online with it even when there’s no WiFi available. If you know you’ll want to do this then a 3G or 4G tablet is typically a better choice, but some tablets only come in WiFi configurations.

There is a wide range of tablets available on the market, including Apple iPads, Android tablets and Windows tablets. For help choosing a specific tablet you can check out our comprehensive list of tablet reviews, or our helpful guides looking at the best 10-inch tablet and the best 4G tablets available to buy right now.


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