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Loyal customers are the network's most valuable, which is why existing Three customers get exclusive deals.

Get extra discounts on SIM Only, mobile phones, mobile broadband and tablets.

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Three Existing Customer Deals

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for 3 existing customer deals?

To qualify as an existing customer, you need to currently have a Pay Monthly contract on Three. That can be either a Pay Monthly mobile phone, SIM Only, tablet or mobile broadband device.

If you don't qualify as a new customer you can always take advantage of one of our exclusive Three SIM, phone, or broadband deals.

What products do I get discount on?

Existing customers get discounts on Three's complete product range including the latest mobile phones, tablets, SIM Only plans and mobile broadband dongles. 

How much can I save?

You can save over £100 compared to Three's current new prices, although the amount you save depends on the device you choose and your chosen plan.

Can I buy a 2nd phone for my partner/family member and save?

Absolutely, as long as the new device is in the same name as your original contract.

The information contained on this website has been written to assist our readers. We do not represent Three or speak on its behalf and are entirely independent of Three.


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