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Google Pixel 8 Pro
Google Pixel 8 Pro

From £30.00 a month

Google Pixel 8
Google Pixel 8

From £22.50 a month

Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

From £46.75 a month

Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 7

From £23.86 a month

Google Pixel 7 Pro
Google Pixel 7 Pro

From £27.00 a month

Google Pixel 7a
Google Pixel 7a

From £15.47 a month

Google Pixel 6a
Google Pixel 6a

From £15.00 a month

Google Pixel 8a
Google Pixel 8a

From £19.25 a month

About Google

Google is to Android what Apple is to iOS, as the company both makes Android and makes smartphones that run it. Those phones in recent years have been the Pixel range, which are known for offering superb cameras, slick software, and often slightly more affordable prices than some comparable phones from other brands.

Despite being responsible for the most popular smartphone operating system in the world, Google isn’t one of the biggest players when it comes to smartphone hardware, with the likes of Samsung and Apple selling far more handsets. But that’s in part because Google only launches at most a few phones each year, and those it does launch are usually great.

Why choose Three for your Google phone

Google is a great mobile network to choose as it offers 5G as standard and you can get unlimited data on its plans. Doing so doesn’t cost a fortune either, as Three is often cheaper than the other big-name networks.

Plus its all-important coverage and speeds are impressive too, whether you’re connecting to its widespread 4G network or its rapidly growing 5G one.

And with access to the Three+ rewards app, plus inclusive tethering, Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling, Three has a whole lot going for it.

Which Google phones support 5G?

The Google Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 5, and Pixel 4a 5G all support 5G. The Google Pixel 6a does too, however while this has been announced, it isn’t out yet at the time of writing. There’s also the Pixel 5a, but this isn’t available in the UK.

Which Google phone should I choose?

There are both high-end and mid-range Google phones available, so what you should choose will depend on your budget and needs. The top model is the Google Pixel 6 Pro, which has a big QHD+ screen and an excellent camera setup, but the standard Pixel 6 is similarly powerful and a fair bit cheaper, while the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are cheaper still – though also more of a step down.

Top Google phone

The Google Pixel 6 Pro is the top Google phone. This has a 6.71-inch 1440 x 3120 AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, a custom-made Tensor chipset, 12GB of RAM, an eye-catching design, and a versatile camera setup, with a 50MP wide sensor, a 12MP ultra-wide one, and a 48MP telephoto one, offering 4x optical zoom.

The Pixel 6 Pro also has a big battery, water resistance, and up to 512GB of storage, plus like all Google phones it runs a stock version of Android, without any of the bloat that other manufacturers add.

Most affordable Google phone

The most affordable Google phone available on Three at the time of writing is the standard Google Pixel 6. This has a 6.4-inch 1080 x 2400 AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, the same Tensor chipset as the Pixel 6 Pro, a great dual-lens camera with a 50MP main sensor and a 12MP ultrawide one, 8GB of RAM, and water resistance.

It also has the same iconic design as the Pixel 6 Pro, with a distinctive camera visor and colourful finishes.

Top value Google phone

The standard Pixel 6 is arguably the top value Google phone. It lacks the telephoto lens of the Pixel 6 Pro, has a lower resolution and refresh rate, a smaller battery, and less RAM, yet in day-to-day use none of that has much impact on the phone, especially as its screen, battery life and performance all still impress.

And of course it’s a lot cheaper than the Pixel 6 Pro, so while it’s not quite as good, it’s arguably better value.

Latest Google phones

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the latest available Google phones at the time of writing. These landed in October 2021.

However, Google has announced the Pixel 6a, and this will be hitting stores at the end of July 2022. This is a mid-range handset though, so if you like the look of the Pixel 6 range there’s no need to wait for it, as it’s aimed at a different audience to Google’s flagships.

Google in summary

Google offers phones with smooth performance and even better software. You get Android as Google intended it, complete with some Pixel-exclusive features and years of updates. Those updates arrive on day one as well, while other manufacturers will often take months to bring new versions of Android to their phones.

With superb cameras too, plus distinctive designs, Google’s phones are the closest thing Android has to an iPhone. 

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