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25GB SIM deal on Three for just £8 per month

Three offers a wide range of SIM Only deals, including 25GB ones, which offer a great balance between price and allowances. Right now, you can get 25GB of data at a fantastic price too.

At we have an exclusive Black Friday offer of 25GB for just £8 per month, which is down from a usual price of £14.

That’s on a 12-month contract, so with a saving of £6 per month, over the life of the contract you’d be saving a massive £48.

Exclusive Three SIM Only deals

25GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

12 month plan

£8 a month

Normally £14

View Deal

120GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

12 month plan

£12 a month

Normally £18

View Deal

This plan gives you more than just data though – you’re also getting unlimited minutes and text, plus access to the Three+ app, where you can take advantage of various rewards for being a customer, such as discounts and freebies from other brands.

Three’s SIM Only plans – including this one – also come with 5G included at no extra cost, as well as support for tethering, Wi-Fi Calling, and 4G Calling.

What can you do with 25GB of data?

25GB of data is a middling allowance that’s ideal for a medium weight data user. With this amount of data you could for example watch around 100 hours of Netflix in medium quality, or stream roughly 577 hours of music on Spotify in normal (96kbps) quality.

Obviously data use will increase when using these services in higher quality, and some other video and music streaming services will use more or less than this, but that should give you an idea. So you can stream lots of music and video as long as you don’t need it in top quality, but if you do then you should consider a higher data allowance.

If you’re mostly planning to use your data just for web browsing and instant messaging, 25GB should be plenty.

For more information on how far different data allowances will go, check out our how much data do I need guide.


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