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To provide a better experience to our users, and to help us identify the parts of our website that perform best, we make use of cookies. If you use our website, you accept the use of these cookies.

Alternatively, you may change your browser settings to block the use of cookies for this website, or for all the websites you visit. However, this will likely result in a degraded browsing experience.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your local computer. You as the computer owner can access this data, and so to can the website that set the cookie. Generally speaking, cookies don't present privacy issues since the data stored within them is usually data you have entered yourself.

What Cookies do we set and use?

Here is a list of cookies currently in use, with an explanation of what each is, an indication of how long it lasts, and also an example of the information stored.

First Party Session Management

We use these cookies to make sure you can freely use our website and to improve user-experience. Most of these cookies are only stored temporarily and will automatically be removed when your close your browser or leave our website. Some are stored longer to improve loading times or remember your preferences on our website.

  • Cookie Name - PHPSESSID     

Each time you visit the website we start a "session" and assign a unique ID. We can track various pieces of essential data for your session which are all stored on our server. The session ID only is stored in a temporary cookie, which is automatically deleted either after an extended period of inactivity, or when you close your browser.

  • Cookie Name - cookie_info_pane     

This cookie is set when the site is first visited and stops the cookie information pane from sliding down. Without it, the pane would appear on every page. This cookie will automatically expire after 1 year, if not deleted prior to that.

Google Analytics

These cookies are part of Google Analytics, and are used to anonymously monitor how you interact with our website and to improve website performance.

  • Cookie Name - __ga

This cookie lets us  count and store page views. The data is anonymous, and it helps us to better understand our users' needs so that we can tailor the website to them. This cookie will automatically expire after 2 years, or you can manually delete it.

  • Cookie Name - __gat

This is a cookie that allows us to read and filter requests from bots. As with other Google Analytics cookies the data is anonymous, and it helps us to tailor the website to our users’ needs. This cookie automatically expires after 1 minute.

  • Cookie Name - __gid

This is a cookie that lets us store and count page views. The anonymous data this provides allows us to better understand our users' needs and to alter the website accordingly. This cookie automatically expires after 1 day.

You can also read Google's safeguarding policy.


Used for social media integration


Used for social media integration.

Refusing or withdrawing your consent to the use of cookies

You may refuse to accept cookies by altering the settings on your internet browser. For more information about how to do this, look at your browser 'help' section or visit

Please note that if you adjust your internet browser settings to refuse the setting of cookies, you may not be able to access or use fully certain parts or functionality of our website.


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