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Existing Three customers are sometimes eligible for a special upgrade deal as a thank you for their loyalty.

When can I upgrade on Three?

When you are eligible to upgrade on Three depends on the type of plan you are on, but in most cases, you need to be in the last 38 days of your contract to upgrade for free.

Three Upgrade Eligibility
Mobile PhoneLast 38 days of contractUpgrade checker
SIM OnlyLast 38 days of contract
Mobile BroadbandLast 38 days of contract
TabletLast 38 days of contract

You also need to ensure your bill payments are up to date to be eligible for an upgrade. Those on 1-month plans can upgrade straight away subject to a credit check.

Can I upgrade early?

Yes, if you are not yet in the last 38 days of your contract then you can take advantage of an early upgrade, but you may have to pay an early upgrade fee. This fee is usually the remaining months of your current contract.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade you need to call Three on 333 or 0333 338 1001, or visit your local Three store.

You can also check if you are eligible for an upgrade by logging into your My3 Account here.

What upgrade offers are available?

The upgrade offers available are different for every customer, so we recommend you call 333 to find out what exclusive offers are available to you.

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