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Three offers students discounted SIM deals

Three’s Student SIM card deals will help you keep down costs as well as acting as a useful study, travel and entertainment aid.

There are a couple of discounted SIM deals available for students on Three. There are also discounts on some phones and tablets, but we’re focusing on the SIM-Only offerings here.

The two discounted plans come with unlimited data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. On a 24-month plan you'll pay just £9 per month, while the 12-month plan costs £18 a month.

Student SIM Deals

Unlimited data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

12-month plan£19 a month
24-month plan£9.50 a month
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Note: You must use an email ending in to prove you are a student when applying.

That’s a potentially huge saving. At the time of writing, the standard price for that 24-month plan is a whopping £20 per month (albeit with a £10 discount for the first six months). On a 12-month plan it’s also £20 per month, but without that introductory rate.

So with a student plan you’ll be saving £2 per month (for £24 total) on a 12-month plan, or £11 per month (from month seven) on a 24-month plan, and £1 per month for the first six months, totalling a saving of a massive £204 over the life of the contract.

But being Three you get more than just allowances, including 5G at no extra cost.

You can also use any or all of your data allowance towards a personal hotspot, letting you get other devices online – so if you want to work on a train or the Wi-Fi is down in your lecture hall or student accommodation, you can just tether your laptop or tablet to your phone. 

In other words, these are all-round great deals, perfect for students. They are also exclusive to students and may only be around for a limited time – so grab one while you can.


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