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Google Currents Now Available In UK !

Google Currents is an application that enables users to easily access online magazine content and articles on their smartphones and tablets from one central location.

The application was made available in the US at the end of last year where its proved a huge success and now has content from over 400 publishers in the US and over 14,000 self-published articles available. However, International users have been missing out on the application, but now thats all changed.

Google have now launched an International version of Google Currents, which is available to download for both Android and iOS devices. This now means that users in the UK , and many other countries, can access the thousands of articles and magazines available on the service. 

When a publisher adds content to Google Currents they can choose who its aimed at locally and also enable an auto-translate feature so its made available to International users. Many of the biggest publications are available on Google Currents including Harvard Business Review, Inc., Popular Science, The Guardian and many more.

Google have also added a new dynamic sync feature which will automatically deliver fresh content to your application to save you time and bandwidth searching for articles that interest you.

You can download Google Currents from Google Play by clicking here or from the App Store by clicking here.


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