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eero mesh Wi-Fi for Three Home Broadband

eero Mesh Wi-Fi is now available with Three home broadband enabling you to get complete Wi-Fi coverage for your property. It’s simple to set up, boosts Wi-Fi speeds and signal, and  also improves network security.

What is eero mesh Wi-Fi?

Eero mesh Wi-Fi uses extenders that connect to your 5G Broadband or 4G Broadband router to extend WiFi range. You place the extender around your home and connect to the network as you normally would using the same network ID and password.

In essence it’s the same as having multiple routers spread across your household and removes any blackspots you may have in your WiFi coverage. This  results in improved Wi-Fi coverage, faster speeds and more stable WiFi across the household.

You’ll also benefit from added safety and security thanks to “eero Secure software” and built-in firewall.

How does it work?

Setting up the eero is very simple and the eero app will guide you through all the steps required, including finding the optimal placement for your extenders.

To begin you’ll need to plug your first eero device in your Three Home Broadband router. The eero extender will send signals to set up the other eero devices around your household.

The great thing about eero is the network is unified with the same network ID and password. That means that WiFi devices will automatically connect to the device providing the best signal in that location.

How much does eero extend WiFi range?

Each eero extends range up to 1500 sq foot and Three’s 5G & 4G broadband routers are available with bundles including 2 eero extenders giving you up to 3000 sq foot of WiFi coverage.

However, it is also possible to purchase additional eero extenders as and when required.

How do I get one?

Three currently don’t have details on how to get one as the devices are yet to arrive in stock. However, bundles will be available when you purchase Three 5G broadband, or 4G broadband.

Existing customers should also be able to retrospectively purchase eero devices and once we get more details we’ll let you know.

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