What is MiFi (Mobile WiFi)?

Mobile WiFi (sometimes called mobile broadband or MiFi) refers to portable, pocket-sized devices that can broadcast a broadband connection using 3G or 4G, allowing you to connect other devices such as laptops and tablets to the internet, even if there’s no fixed broadband or a power supply available.

Much like a phone or a tablet, mobile WiFi devices can be bought outright or on a Pay Monthly contract.

What MiFi dongles are available?

Three have a choice of a couple of MiFi dongles with the latest and recommended option being the Huawei 4G+ Mobile WiFi dongle, which supports faster speed, can share internet with more device and has better battery life than the Huawei E5573bs-322.

Three MiFi dongles

Device Key Features

Huawei 4G Plus MiFi

Huawei 4G+ Mobile WiFi

4G Mobile Broadband


Speeds up to 300Mbps

Connect up to 16 devices

Huawei E5573bs-322 4G Mobile Wi-Fi

Huawei E5573bs-322 Mobile WiFi

4G Mobile Broadband


Speeds up to 150Mbps

Connect up to 10 devices

What is a Pay Monthly MiFi contract?

A Pay Monthly mobile WiFi contract is similar to a phone contract in that it incurs a fixed monthly fee for a set period of time (1, 12 or 24 months). For that money you get not just the mobile WiFi device but also a monthly data allowance.

The advantage of taking out a pay monthly contract is that you don't have to pay as much upfront for your MiFi device, or in many cases anything at all, which can make it a lot more affordable if you don’t have a lot of money to spare.

All contracts come with an inclusive data allowance to use each month and they are taken out over a choice of 24 months, 12 months or just 30 days, after which you are free to switch to a SIM Only deal or Pay As You Go.

If you don’t already have a mobile broadband device than a Pay Monthly contract is often the best option.

Why choose a Three?

Three offers a range of mobile WiFi devices and also has a rapidly growing 4G network which already covers most of the UK population. Its prices are also reasonable, and that’s not all.

All Pay Monthly MiFi plans on Three come with great extra benefits, including:

  • 4G at no extra cost - All plans come with 4G at no extra cost, but if you don’t have a 4G device or aren’t in a 4G area you can still make use of Three's superfast 3G network.

  • Free roaming abroad - Use your internet abroad at no extra cost in 71 Go Roam destinations, saving you loads on roaming fees.

  • Go Binge – Use Netflix, Apple Music, Deezer, Snapchat, Lifetime, SoundCloud and TVPlayer without it coming out of your data allowance on plans with 15GB of data or more.

  • Award winning – Three has won a number of awards, including being rated the best network for data and best network for roaming in the Mobile Choice Awards 2018.

Are there any downside to a Pay Monthly mobile WiFi contract?

You don’t have the freedom to change or cancel your plan whenever you want when on Pay Monthly, and if you already have a mobile broadband device that you’re happy with there’s really no need to get another, but for everyone else Pay Monthly tends to be a strong choice.


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