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120GB SIM deal on Three for just £12

You don’t have to pay big money to get a big data allowance, because right now we’re offering an exclusive Three deal that gets you 120GB of data for just £12 per month.

That’s a 12-month SIM Only deal, and it’s down from a usual price of £18 per month, meaning you’ll save £6 per month, and £48 over the 12-month life of the contract.

120GB SIM Deal

120GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

12 month plan

£12 a month

Normally £18

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As well as masses of data, this SIM Only plan also comes with 5G, so you can make the most of all that data with the highest possible speeds – assuming you also have a 5G phone.

Plus, you get unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, tethering support (so you can use your phone to get other gadgets online with any or all of your data allowance), Wi-Fi Calling, and 4G Calling.

As a Three customer you’ll also get access to the Three+ rewards app, which offers a rotating selection of exclusive discounts, freebies, and offers from a variety of brands.

What can you do with 120GB of data?

120GB of data is a big allowance, so it should be plenty for almost anyone. With this amount of data you could for example stream roughly 480 hours of Netflix content on medium/automatic quality. That’s around 16 hours a day, meaning you could spend more or less every waking hour watching Netflix on your phone without running out of data.

If you want the top video quality then you’ll only be able to stream around 40 hours of content, which is still a huge amount, but you might want to consider unlimited data if that reflects your usage.

For music, web browsing, and just about everything else though, it would be quite challenging to use up 120GB of data in a month. For more in-depth information on how much data you might need, check out our full how much data do I need guide.


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