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3.1 million Three customers are now using 4G

Three was the last of the networks to launch a 4G service, beginning its rollout just ten months ago, yet already 3.1 million of its 8 million subscribers have accessed the service.

As Three provides 4G at no extra cost theoretically all 8 million of its customers could be using it, but they need to have a 4G compatible device and to be in an area with 4G coverage, which to date over a third of its customers have.

This comes alongside news that Three has now brought 4G coverage to 48% of the UK population, allowing more people than ever to connect and that figure is only going to rise, as the network plans to expand coverage throughout 2015, ultimately bringing 4G to 98% of the UK population.

Dave Dyson, Chief Executive of Three, said: “The rollout of new capacity is progressing well and, most importantly for me, customer satisfaction is higher than ever. With an advanced 3G network already in place all our customers are able to benefit from a reliable and high performing network.”

Three is arguably still trailing behind the competition when it comes to 4G, but as it approaches 50% population coverage it’s rapidly catching up, while the fact that it offers 4G at no extra cost means that it already has an enormous pool of potential 4G customers and will likely start to prove a tempting alternative to market leader EE for anyone looking to get a 4G contract.

Looking ahead to 2015 Three plans among other things to bolster its 800MHz spectrum support by deploying new equipment, with the aim of improving both indoor and outdoor coverage.

Dave Dyson said: “The addition of low frequency spectrum is just one part of our plans to expand Three’s coverage and bring our network to more people in more places in 2015”.


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