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400,000 Android Apps Now Available !

There are now over 400,000 applications on the Android Market according to a new report conducted by Distimo.

Just to be clear that means there are 400,000 live applications right now on the Android Market. A lot of figures reported in the past are published applications and many of those may no longer be available !

The 400,000 applications have been provided by 100,000 developers with the average developer contributing 4.1 applications. In recent times the percentage of free applications has gone up to 68 per cent, which is an increase of 8 per cent in the last 6 months.

Google are lagging behind Apple who reached 400,000 applications back in June. Furthermore, Apple took just 22 months to reach the landmark figure, while Android took 31 months.

However, the huge growth of Android is reflected in the fact that it took just four months to go from 300,000 to 400,000 available applications, while Apple took seven months to see the same increase.

Late last year Google also announced that 10 billion Android applications had been downloaded and this new information is just another feather in their cap


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