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Skype On 3 Hits 1 Billion Calls

3G mobile operator, 3 UK has confirmed that over 1 billion mobile phone calls over Skype have been notched up.  The service is called “Skype on 3”. The milestone mobile call over Skype was made by Stephen Timms MP and Minister for Digital Britain who is pictured above.

3 UK is the only 3G mobile operator in the UK which offers all its customers Skype mobile calls for free. 3 launched “Skype on 3” back in May 2009 and there are now hundreds of thousands of users. 3 UK say that “Skype on 3” has saved its mobile customers over 120 million pounds of mobile calling costs.

Each day 3’s 3G mobile phone users make 3 million minutes of free Skype calls to each other. 3 UK’s CEO Kevin Russell expects the growth of Skype on 3 to continue and sees Skype on 3 as a mainstream feature of the mobile services provided.

Russ Shaw at Skype said  “Skype on 3 has helped people to talk to friends, family or colleagues from their mobile phone, whatever the circumstances, without the worry of running up large phone bills, even if it’s an international call,”

The Skypephone fully integrates Skype enabling customers to make a Skype call at the touch of a button. 3’s handsets come pre-loaded with the Skype mobile application. Skype to Skype calls on 3 are free forever.  There is no requirement to top up and no data charges are applied on Skype to Skype calls.


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