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Android To Beat iPhone in Download Stakes

New research points to the number of Android apps downloaded in 2011 will out perform the number of iPhone apps downloaded for the first time.

Market research specialists Ovum predict a doubling of app downloads in 2011 compared to 2010. The research company expects downloads to hit over 18 billion with Android amassing over 8 billion and Apple 5 billion.

We hear at 3G have closely watched the rise of both Android and Apple smartphones over the past few years and we only see the growth of app downloads escalating further and the gap between the above two giants widening.

"Consumers' seemingly insatiable demand for mobile applications is set to continue this year, with downloads from app stores increasing around the world.

The outlook for the longer term is also positive, with consumers set to continue to use apps to add new features to their phones and to access their favourite services on the go." said Nick Dillon, an analyst at Ovum


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