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Apple iPad 2 Launch Date ?

The latest launch date for the iPad 2 is now believed to be next month. February 9th. This would be well timed as its just a few days before Mobile World Congress kicks off in Barcelona.

T3 posted photos which reveal some interesting dates. The left iPad photo shows the date of January 27th in the top left. This was when the iPad was originally announced by Steve Jobs.

On the right we see another photo with February 9th in the top left corner. This seems to be telling us its February 9th for the announcement of the iPad 2.

iOS 4.3 Beta was recently released and it triggered an internal review of what was inside the code. T3 added it contained FaceTime, Camera and PhotoBooth applications.

Hardware confirmation is somewhat sketchy so the sooner the news breaks the better. However, it is rumoured to have a SD card slot, Retina Display and maybe 2 cameras. We will be sure to post any more updates here.


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