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HTC One M8 mini is coming and we've got a release date

HTC One M8

EXCLUSIVE: HTC One M8 mini is firmly on the horizon.

The HTC One M8 (pictured above) is now on sale across the world, but the Taiwanese company arn't finished yet because they are also going to launch a mini version of their flagship smartphone.

Our source inside a UK retailer has confirmed that the HTC One M8 mini is coming and that it is scheduled to go on sale in May.

They also confirmed that the the HTC One M8 mini will incorporate its bigger brothers premium uni-body aluminum design, but the touch-screen display will be reduced to 4.5-inches. However, it's still unclear whether it will run at a 1080p or 720p resolution.

The only other information revealed was that the HTC One M8's Duo Camera will be replaced with a single camera solution. Other areas of the smartphone also likely to be compromised to the size and costs down and as soon as we get fresh information we'll let you know.

Previously, the same source exclusively revealed to us back in January that the Sony Xperia E1 would go on sale in the UK in March. Guess what? The Xperia E1 is now available to buy from the Sony Store for £159.

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