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iOS 8 supports split-screen multitasking

Apple iOS 8 

Apple iOS 8 has built-in support for split-screen multitasking enabling multiple applications to be displayed on a single-screen at the same time.

Code for the feature has been spotted in the iOS 8 software development kit (SDK) by app developer Steve Troughton-Smith and he added that apps can be displayed in "one-quarter size, one-half size, or three-quarter size." 

The possibilities of such a feature are endless, but what we don't know at this time is whether it'll only work with native applications, or whether it'll also support third-party applications. Assuming it supports all applications then you could potentially stream video on Sky Go and chat on Facebook Messenger at the same time on a single screen!

A similar feature already exists in Google's Android platform and the Microsoft's Windows 8 platform, but so far it's been reserved for tablets and Apple could well adopt a similar approach by initially making it available on their iPad range. With that in mind we wouldn't be at all surprised to see it debut on the rumoured iPad Pro, which is expected to be unveiled later this year.

However, we've got our fingers crossed it'll also be supported on the rumoured iPhone 6, which is expected to come with a significantly  larger display running at higher resolution.


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