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iPhone 12 Pro concept gives a bold new perspective on Apple’s next phone

A brand new concept video produced by demonstrates why many are expecting the iPhone 12 Pro to be the phone of 2020.

The video offers a concise snapshot of Apple’s hotly anticipated flagship phone, which is expected to launch at the end of the year. Not only does the video provide a splashy 360-degree look at the proposed iPhone 12 Pro design, but it also highlights some of the key features that we’re expecting to see from the premium phone, all courtesy of numerous supply chain leaks and rumours.

Combining these two things - a convincing visual rendering of the phone and a run down of the essential specs - within a snappily edited 76-second video offers a potent overview. We’d expect to see this kind of taster from Apple itself come the iPhone 12 Pro’s launch event, which is likely to take place some time in September.

Besides the above concept video there are several concept renders of the iPhone 12 Pro. It’s a good opportunity to sit and pore over that sleek design in five potential colours, with Apple’s crack design team seemingly set to tip their hats to the flat-rimmed iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 era.

Not that this means Apple is going to shrink its phones significantly. All signs point to the iPhone 12 Pro packing the kind of large all-screen front that we’ve grown accustomed to since 2017’s iPhone X, and it’ll almost certainly come in regular Pro and super-sized Pro Max flavours.

Talking of all-screen fronts, is it too much to hope for Apple to remove the display notch this time around? Rumour has it that Apple will at least minimise this divisive design feature, but a full on removal would be the real dream, as these renders go to show.

iPhone 12 Colours

Space Grey

iPhone 12 Gold


iPhone 12 Silver


iPhone 12 Red


iPhone 12 Green



The remaining renders highlight the iPhone 12 Pro’s headline specifications - or what we expect them to be, at any rate. These include a 120Hz display that’s twice as fluid as the iPhone 11 Pro’s, a LiDAR-equipped camera for advanced AR applications, and reverse wireless charging for juicing up your AirPods on the go.

We’re also expecting this to be the first iPhone to adopt 5G network connectivity, which is a far bigger deal than it initially seems. Apple might be late to the 5G party, but it’s often said that no new piece of smartphone technology truly enters the mainstream consciousness until it figures in an iPhone. Once there’s a 5G iPhone on the market, you can expect a major surge in 5G demand and adoption around the developed world.

iPhone 12 Specification Part 2

Apple iPhone 12 Specification

We should note again that these materials are based on leaks, rumours and speculation, even the best-sourced of which are open to change. But based on the history of such industry gossip, we’re pretty confident that a majority of these predictions will come to pass.

The iPhone 12 Pro is lining up to be a major step forward for the famous smartphone line, and this glimpse into the future has made us even more eager for the real thing.


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