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Motorola Announce New MING Mobiles

Motorola has announced three new handsets in its MING range, which is aimed at Chinese users.

All three of the new mobiles run on the Android platform and support the major Chinese network standards.  Motorola have no released 11 Android mobiles in just 6 months and over half of all Android mobiles bought in China are from Motorola.

The three new mobiles also feature support for Chinese handwriting and PDA functions, as well as a full touch-screen experience. The mobiles also all feature the MING flip design and the now signature transparent flip-cover.

The first mobile in the range is the MT810 (pictured above), which is being launched in collaboration with China Mobile. It runs on a customised version of Android and has a 3.2 inch touch-screen and offers full touch-screen functionality even when the mobile is closed.

Other features include a suite of business applications, 720p video playback and support Chinese mobile TV. The Motorola MT810 is being billed as a device which brings together social and business needs.

The second new mobile in the MING range is the Motorola XT806 (above) which runs on Android 2.1.

The XT806 also has a 3.2 inch touch-screen, built-in GPS , 720p video capture and playback and comes with integrated business tools such as Quicknotes. It's being billed as an "internet powerhouse".

The final mobile is the A6180 (below), which combines Android with MING heritage. It features a 3.1 inch touch-screen, Softstylus handwriting system, 5 mega-pixel camera, built-in GPS and WiFi support.

It seems unlikely any of these mobiles will launch in Europe, but we thought its always good to know whats going on in the rest of the world.


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