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Tesco Launches Mobile Shopping App

Tesco has submitted a new application to Nokia for approval to join the Ovi Store. 

The new application, called Tesco Grocery App,  is the first transactional application they have released for mobile and will be released for Nokia S60 mobiles.

With the Tesco Grocery Application you can update your shopping basket on your mobile by browsing through the full Tesco store. The changes you make to your account will automatically be synced to your desktop PC so that their is synergy between the two.

Tesco stated they are aiming this device at busy Mums, which is their target market for this venture. This is the justification they have given for launching the device on Nokia devices rather than the iPhone or an Android device. However, they did state they have plans to roll out applications on other devices in the future.

The Tesco Mobile application should be approved by Nokia in the next few days and should be appearing on the Ovi Store right after. The app will run on the following devices : 5800, N97, N97 mini, X6, 5230 and 5530.


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