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Pay As You Go data SIM cards offer the ultimate in flexibility and enable you need to get internet for your iPad, tablet, or Mobile WiFi dongle only when you need it.

Better value with a SIM card pre-loaded with an add-on

Choosing a pre-loaded data SIM offers great value and are available with 1GB, 3GB, 12GB or 24GB of data that can be used in a 30 day period. By buying a SIM pre-loaded with data you can also take advantage of free roaming abroad in 71 destinations.

Can I get a SIM and only pay for the data I use?

Yes, you can order a free data SIM and top-up credit to use as and when you need to. You'll also get 200MB free data every month which you can use abroad. To continue using data abroad after you've used up your 200MB you'll need to buy a data add-on.

Which size SIM do I need?

Devices need one of 3 SIM types (Standard, Micro or Nano). However, when you order a Pay As You Go Data SIM on Three you’ll get a Trio SIM (Standard, Micro and Nano combined), so you don’t to worry about which type you need.

Can I use my data abroad at no extra cost?

Yes, with any Pay As You Go data SIM you use your data abroad in 48 European countries at no extra cost.

If you purchase an add-on you can use your data in 72 worldwide countries with Go Roam. The only restrictions are that you only use up to 13GB data a month in a Go Roam in Europe destination and 12GB a month in a Go Roam Around The World destination.

Can I use Go Binge with a PAYG data SIM?

No, Three stopped offering Go Binge in September 2020.

What is a data reward SIM?

A data reward SIM was a special type of SIM that used to get you 200MB free data for every month indefinitely. However, they are no longer available to order on Three.

Can I get a PAYG data SIM with unlimited data?

Currently, Three only offer on Pay Monthly data only SIM plans. The maximum data only PAYG SIM comes with 24GB of data.

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