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3GB SIM Only plan on Three for just £5 per month

Looking for a cheap SIM Only deal? We may have the answer with our exclusive hidden Three SIM deal for £5 a month.

For just a fiver a month you can get 3GB of data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts on a 12-month plan. The closest plan you’ll find on Three direct is a 4GB plan which costs over twice as much at £13 per month on a 12-month contract. 

This exclusive 3GB deal then is great for light data users who want a bargain price, as it amounts to just £60 over the 12-month life of the contract.

3GB SIM Deal

3GB data

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

12 month plan

£5 a month

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For that money you’re also getting more than just a data allowance. You’re additionally getting unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and 5G. This SIM Only deal also comes with all the standard Three perks, like access to the Three+ rewards app, which includes exclusive discounts and offers from a selection of brands.

What can you do with 3GB of data?

3GB of data is a fairly low allowance, but it will still be plenty for some types of users – especially those who are either mostly on Wi-Fi, or mostly use data just for web browsing and messaging.

With 3GB you can watch about 12 hours of Netflix content using ‘automatic’ quality, which is essentially the service’s medium or standard quality.

If you’re more into music, you could stream roughly 69 hours from Spotify on normal (96kbps) quality. Though note that data use can increase with higher quality streams, or on some other services.

Web browsing, social media, and instant messaging can use a quite variable amount of data so estimates are harder to give, but a mix of those things is likely to use somewhere between 20MB and 120MB per hour, which means even at the top end you could do these things for around 25 hours with 3GB of data, and at the low end you could manage as much as around 150 hours before running out of data.

So 3GB can go further than you might think, but if you are planning to stream a lot of videos or download big apps over mobile data, then you might want to consider a higher allowance. For more in-depth information on how much data you might need and what amounts of data different activities use, head to our full how much data do I need guide.


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