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Get a 10GB data only SIM from just £7 a month

Mobile broadband is a great way to get your devices online wherever you are, and right now you can get a great mobile broadband data only SIM deal on Three.

Specifically, the network is offering a meaty 10GB of monthly data from just £7 per month. To get that you’ll need to take out a 24-month contract, but if you don’t want to be tied in for that long then you can grab 10GB on a 12-month contract for only slightly more, at £8 per month.

Plan Monthly Price  

10GB data

24 month plan

£7 a month


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10GB data

12 month plan

£8 a month


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For the 24-month plan you’re paying just £168 for a whole two years of data, while on the 12-month plan you’ll be paying £96 for one year of data.

And it’s a decent amount of data too. You can get plans that come with more, but many come with a lot less and unless you’re using mobile broadband as your main form of internet access then 10GB each month will probably be plenty.

And don’t forget, Three’s mobile broadband also works with Feel At Home, so you can use your data abroad in 71 destinations without paying any extra, making it ideal for holidays and work trips.


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