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Three now lets you use Snapchat without using up your data

Three’s Go Binge service is going from strength to strength, as the network has just added Snapchat to it, which means customers can use Snapchat as much as they want without it coming out of their data allowance.

That’s in addition to the existing Go Binge offerings, which include Netflix, Apple Music, Deezer, TVPlayer and SoundCloud.

You’ll automatically be able to use Snapchat on Go Binge if you’re existing customer that has Go Binge activated already on a 4GB Advanced Plan.

New users will need a 12GB or above Advanced Plan to make use of it – which is higher than Go Binge previously needed. While, those signing up to mobile broadband plans need at least 15GB of data to enjoy Go Binge.

Three has really embraced Snapchat, not just adding it to Go Binge but also creating the world’s first augmented reality (AR) Snapchat pet.

Meet Puggerfly

Called Puggerfly, this is a purple-winged pug which Snapchat users will be able interact with in AR, feeding it, playing ball with it and more.

Puggerfly is also the first storytelling lens, as users will be able to access seven different lenses over seven days, with each new lens showing the development of Puggerfly, from a rainbow-pooping puppyfly to a fully grown Puggerfly.

Your Puggerfly will be unique, as it will be personalised to your Snapchat username, and you don’t have to be on Three to access Puggerfly, anyone in the UK can – though if you have Go Binge you’ll be able to spend longer playing with your pet without worrying about your data use.

But whatever network you’re on you need to act fast, as Puggerfly is only available for seven days (starting on April 26). If you miss any of the Puggerfly lenses you should be able to get them via Snapcodes used in Three’s new advertising campaign, but do you really want to take that risk?


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