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What is Go Binge?

Go Binge is a free service that allows Three customers to stream music and video from certain services, such as Netflix, without it coming out of their data allowance. 

That means, for example, that even if you only have a 12GB data allowance, you could still stream unlimited Netflix over Three’s network, and when you’re done you’d still have your full 12GB data allowance left.

It’s a great service for bingers everywhere, meaning they can finally enjoy shows, films and music fully on their commutes or any other time they don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. As TV and film tends to heavily eat into a data allowance this is a big deal.

Three is no longer offering Go Binge to new and upgrading customers, but if you already have it you can still use it.

What is included with Go Binge?

Go Binge gives you unlimited data to use on Apple Music, Netflix, Deezer, Lifetime, Snapchat, SoundCloud and TVPlayer.

That means you can stream, and tether over a personal hotspot, on any of those applications or websites on your mobile without using up any of your data allowance.

Go Binge applications
Apple MusicDeezerNetflix
SnapchatSoundcloudTV Player

And Go Binge really is unlimited in the UK. Three has said that you could use Go Binge 24 hours a day with no limits or extra charges.

Please note that subscriptions to Netflix, Apple Music etc are not included as part of Go Binge, you have to have a separate subscription/account.

How do I get Go Binge?

If you don’t already have Go Binge, you can’t now get it. Three has stopped offering Go Binge to new and existing customers, which means that even if you have it now, you won’t do once you upgrade.

Not sure if you have it or not? Go Binge came with Pay Monthly and SIM plans with 12GB or more data and Mobile Broadband plans with 15GB or more data, taken out between 24th April 2017 and 30th September 2020. Full details of plan requirements can be seen below.

Plan typeGo BingeRequirement
Phones contracts

Plan with 12GB data or more

(Taken out 24th April 2017 and 30th September 2020)

SIM Only contracts

Plan with 12GB data or more

(Taken out 24th April 2017 and 30th September 2020)

Mobile BroadbandHome Broadband and Tablet contracts

Plan with 15GB data or more

(Taken out 24th April 2017 and 30th September 2020)

Data only SIM contracts

Plan with 15GB data or more

(Taken out 24th April 2017 and 30th September 2020)

Pay As You Go-
Simply Business Plans

Plan with 10GB data or more

(Taken out 24th April 2017 and 30th September 2020)

So if you have one of these plans taken out between those dates, you should have and can continue using Go Binge, unless you’ve previously opted out of the service. If you have opted out, then you can opt back in by giving Three a call.

How do I use Go Binge?

Go Binge is automatically activated on supported plans, so all you need to do to use Go Binge is open Apple Music, Netflix, Snapchat, Soundcloud, Deezer or TV Player.

You need to have some of your normal data allowance left to use Go Binge - if you are completely out of data you can't, even though it does not eat into your allowance.

Can I use Go Binge abroad?

Yes. You can Go Binge in up to 71 destinations across the world with Go Roam. However, in Go Roam in Europe destinations Go Binge use will count towards your 20GB fair use roaming limit, although in Go Roam around the World destinations Go Binge does not count towards your 12GB fair use roaming limit, but data usage may be blocked when you reach the 12GB fair use roaming limit.

Three also has less control over speeds and availability of services abroad, and cannot guarantee the same level of performance you would get in the UK.

Can I tether with Go Binge over a personal hotspot?

Yes, tethering (or personal hotspot) is possible with Go Binge and use will not be deducted from your tethering allowance. That means you can pair with your laptop, TV or any other WiFi device to stream Netflix, without using up your data allowance.

Can I get Go Binge if I'm an existing customer?

No. If you’re not already on a plan with Go Binge, you can’t now get it.

How can I tell if I have Go Binge on my account?

Go Binge will appear in the My3 app if it is active on your account, so if you can see it there then you have it, if not you do not.

Go Binge Add On on My3 Account

Why did Three launch Go Binge?

Three has always been big on data, as evidenced by it offering unlimited data contracts. But many users have smaller allowances and that makes streaming over mobile data a risky proposition, as it can quickly eat up a data allowance.

On top of that, Three has found that Brits love to binge. Following an extensive period of consumer research, the network found that 21% say bingeing is now the only way they watch TV, while 22% regularly binge on the go – so Go Binge would be hugely beneficial to them, and to others who probably would binge if they had the data.

In fact, 54% of brits worry about using up their data while streaming on mobile, yet 44% watch one hour or more of streamed content on their phones, and 51% do the same on their tablets, so with Go Binge, they will not have to worry any more.

And there's more. 67% of Brits apparently wish they had more time in the day to binge their favourite shows.

Why did Three stop offering Go Binge to new and upgrading customers?

A Three spokesperson has said the following:

"Following a recent review of our products, we have decided not continue with our Go Binge offer for new and upgrading customers. As many of our plans offer generous or unlimited data, we recognise that the way we stream and consume services is changing and we are updating our propositions to reflect this.

"We are now exploring new ways to continue rewarding our customers, whilst providing exceptional value and better connectivity for every customer."

So in other words, it seems that rising data allowances, including many plans with unlimited data, means Go Binge has become a less appealing extra in Three’s eyes, and likely in the eyes of many of its customers.

Go Binge Advert

Here is the accompanying Go Binge Advert which can be viewed below.

What do I do if my data is still dropping while using a Go Binge-supported service?

Go Binge data should automatically be assigned correctly, so you should not see it come out of your allowance. If it seems to be and you’re sure that you have Go Binge and are using a Go Binge service (currently Netflix, Deezer, TVPlayer, Apple Player or SoundCloud) then give Three a call on 333.

View Go Binge Terms and Conditions >

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