Why Choose a Pay Monthly Contract?

Pay monthly phone contracts incur a fixed monthly fee for a set period of time.

The advantage of taking out a pay monthly contract is that you don't have to pay as much upfront for a new smartphone – in fact you'll often get the phone itself free, which can make the whole cost a lot more manageable, particularly if you’re after a high-end phone which would usually cost hundreds of pounds.

All contracts come with a bundle of inclusive minutes, data and texts to use per month. Most modern contracts are taken out over 2 years, after which you are free to switch to a SIM Only deal to save money or upgrade to a new smartphone.

Those looking for even more flexibility should consider a Pay As You Go phone.

Why choose a Three Pay Monthly contract?

All Pay Monthly plans on Three come with extra benefits you won't get elsewhere including:

  • Free 0800 calls on all plans
  • Tethering included  
  • 4G at no extra cost
  • Go Binge
  • Free Travel Upgrades on Easyjet
  • Truly unlimited data
  • Free roaming abroad in up to 71 destinations
  • Unlimited texts on all plans
  • Free Wi-Fi on the London Underground
  • 4G Super-Voice on supported handsets
  • All phones come unlocked

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