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18 Feb 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G range compared

All the phones offer various similarities such as their 5G compatibility but each offer substantially different featu...

21 Oct 2019

Three Easyjet Travel Upgrades

Hands Free lets you ditch your hand luggage bag and board quickly on easyJet flights, and if you’re a Three cus...

9 Sep 2019

7 reasons 5G broadband is a great replacement for fibre

Considering switching your broadband supplier? 5G home broadband is an increasingly attractive option. Here's why...

15 Aug 2019

Five reasons you’ll love 5G

There are many, many reasons you’ll likely love 5G, but here are five of the biggest and most immediate ones....

11 Jun 2019

Essential vs Advanced Plans – What are the differences?

If you're on Three you could be on an Essential or an Advanced plan - here's how they differ. ...

10 Jun 2019

How to improve Three signal

Signal woes at home or work? If you’re on Three there are ways to improve things and this guide explains how....

16 May 2019

Best Chinese phones

Loads of exciting phones are coming out of China and some don’t have big names. Here’...

7 Mar 2019

Three Pay As You Go Rewards

With Three’s new Pay As You Go Rewards service you can earn digital subscriptions and vouchers just for being a...

12 Feb 2019

How to speed up your old iPhone

There are ways to make slow iPhones faster. Follow our guide and you should be able to breathe new life into your han...

3 Jul 2018

What is Wi-Fi? Explained in simple terms

What is Wi-Fi? Explained in simple terms ...


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