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Full Review

Go Binge is a new service from Three and it’s worth knowing about, as it could make your commute a lot more binge-friendly.

At its core, it’s simple: Go Binge lets you stream as much audio and video as you want from a selection of services without eating into your data allowance, so you can stream wherever you are, even if there’s no Wi-Fi, without worrying about using up all your data or getting big bills.

It sounds great and it’s a service no other UK network offers, but does it live up to the hype or are you better off binging elsewhere?

Go Binge… but only on these services

  • Netflix
  • Deezer
  • TVPlayer
  • SoundCloud

Go Binge currently works with Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud. That’s a decent selection, with Netflix being the clear highlight, and needing no introduction.

TVPlayer meanwhile lets you stream live TV from a large number of (mostly Freeview) channels. It’s got the various BBC, Channel 4 and ITV channels, along with Five, Dave, History and dozens of others. It’s a great but limited service, as it lacks premium fare like Sky Atlantic. And there's a bigger problem: Currently on Go Binge you can only stream from Dave and History using TVPlayer - the other channels will still come out of your data allowance.

Deezer meanwhile is like Spotify or Apple Music – giving you millions of songs you can stream, while SoundCloud is also a music service but is more community-focused.

If you use these services then Go Binge is brilliant, if you don’t then it’s less so, especially as some, such as Netflix, need a subscription of their own to use.

And there are some major omissions, such as Spotify and Amazon Prime Video. The good news there is that Three seems happy to add other streaming platforms to Go Binge, so it’s likely to get better over time, as more things sign up.

Covering the basics

Go Binge should work automatically on compatible services, whether you access them from an app or the web, you just need to be using a device with your Three SIM card in it, have at least a bit of data left, and to have Go Binge in your plan (check the My3 app to see if you have Go Binge listed if you're not sure whether you have it).

However, Three notes that some services may only be available in standard definition. But that's down to the individual streaming services, not Three, and shouldn’t be a huge problem, especially if you’re watching on the small screen of a phone.

Take your shows on holiday, but watch out for adverts

A surprising highlight of Go Binge is that you can use it abroad in Three’s Feel At Home locations, so you can theoretically watch Netflix on a Spanish beach, or stream Deezer while you road trip around the US for example.

Though it’s still limited by the availability of these services in other countries – if you’re somewhere where you wouldn’t be able to access Netflix or one of the other services ordinarily, you also won’t be able to access them through Go Binge.

And one surprising downside is that while the songs and shows you’re watching will be covered by Go Binge, adverts won’t necessarily, which could mean you’ll still be using some data while streaming, especially on services like TVPlayer, as this streams normal TV which is notoriously full of adverts.

Three hasn't confirmed whether any of the current services use your data for adverts (and notably Netflix doesn't, as it doesn't have adverts), but it's something to keep an eye on.

Cost and savings

  • Comes with all new 4GB or higher Advanced and Mobile Broadband plans
  • Not available on Pay As You Go, Essential Plans or plans with less than 4GB
  • Existing customers need to upgrade

Go Binge is available on all Pay Monthly and SIM Only Advanced Plans with 4GB of data or more. It doesn’t cost any extra, it just comes as standard. Go Binge also comes as standard on Mobile Broadband plans with 4GB of data or more.

So in that sense it costs nothing and could save you a lot, since streaming – and particularly streaming video - can munch down data at a rapid rate.

Stream every day on your commute without Go Binge and you’ll likely be out of data long before the month is up, unless you’re on one of Three’s unlimited plans, then if you want to keep using data you’ll have to spend more for an add-on.

Go Binge avoids all of that, but can be slightly less appealing for existing customers, as even if they’re on a Go Binge-compatible plan they’ll have to upgrade to a higher value one to have it added. That’s the only way that it really costs anything.

And Pay As You Go customers are out of luck, as Go Binge isn’t available to them at all.

Comparison to other UK networks




Go Binge - unlimited streaming on Netflix, TVPlayer, Deezer and SoundCloud

Virgin Mobile

Unlimited use of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger


Free subscription to Spotify Premium, Now TV or Sky Sports Mobile TV

All others

Nothing comparable

No other UK network can compete as no other one offers such a service. The closest is Virgin Mobile, which lets you use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger without eating into your data, but that’s far more of a communication focus than an entertainment one.

It’s also nowhere near as good, because those services use far less data than the likes of Netflix and TVPlayer.

Then there’s Vodafone, which gives you a free subscription to Spotify Premium, Now TV or Sky Sports Mobile TV on some of its plans, but any data you use for them still comes out of your allowance.


Go Binge is a strong service, and unique among UK mobile networks. Data allowances these days are usually high enough to deal with communication and web browsing, but streaming media can still kill all but the biggest allowances, so this solves that problem.

And Three has found in a study that Brits are big on binging, so Go Binge is sure to appeal to many. The fact that it comes at no extra cost on new plans makes it all the more tempting, and being able to use it abroad is a big bonus.

It’s not perfect. The selection of services is currently very limited, but that’s set to change. More long-term problems include the fact that adverts can still eat into your data.

But they’re fairly small problems with what is otherwise a great service. So Go Binge and never endure a boring commute again.

Useful reading : What is Go Binge?



  • Free Streaming on Netflix, Deezer, SoundCloud and TVPlayer
  • Included on 4GB or higher Advanced and Mobile Broadband plans

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